We have bees now

A good friend once joked: “I’m a bee-keeper now. Someone gave me a bee and I kept it” Seemed ridiculous at the time, but who’s laughing now.


We get a pretty broad range of wild animals hanging around. The regulars are the goats, wallabies, possoms & wombats, but occasionally you catch echidnas, deer, big lizards, snakes… all kinds of wild things. It’s not too easy sneaking up on things to film them but I’ll post whatever I can get.

The grass at the front of the house has always been pretty patchy, so I’ve directed the overflow from the spring there in the hope of softening up the clay and encouraging grass growth. It’s one of the most exciting things going on out here watching it surprisingly work.


Hi! Welcome to my life. Nothing very exciting, but here it is. I’ll kick off with some photos from around the property.